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Do you also dream of investing into Stocks, Forex and Crypto markets but are unaware of how to do so? Your dreams will come true with the help of intellisticks because it will allow you to take guidelines from coaches and mentors. Quite a few people are too broke to actually get help from professional coaches and without the help and proper knowledge, they dont want to risk their money. Now you dont have to worry anymore and you will be able to confidently invest your money into trading with the help of intellisticks as it is a combination of individual investors, trading educators and, finance and investment teachers.

If you are a new investor then intellisticks is a great platform for you to learn the various strategies needed in making investments without risking money. A lot of the investors who are new, turn to books for guidance but publications dont have the guidelines, strategies that humans can teach in a better way. Books are usually a great source of knowledge, but they might not be as great as a mentor who can let you know step-by-step processes and strategies.

Intellisticks is the perfect platform so that you can learn since it allows you to apply the knowledge you have gathered from the book along with the guidelines that you have learnt from a coach. You may also take interactive historical trading tests. It is possible to gather the tips and tricks and understanding and then test drive it along with your favorite coach.

Intellisticks came into being with the mix of two words, intelli comes from the intelligent online trading education platform while sticks identifies the Japanese candlesticks which is known as the most descriptive way of displaying market prices by means of charts. So, a smart trading platform combined with the candlestick display of charts becomes intellisticks.

The best thing about this platform is that it allows the DIY learning opportunity to the new investors but it also provides them an possibility to have one-on-one guidelines form the mentor or coach. There are so many professional coaches linked to this platform, therefore, the investor can pick one coach who has created content, offers books and knowledge linked to investments. After that, the students or the new traders can start studying the strategies taught by the coach and they actually implement it in a simulated environment.

Some of the benefits that the learners or the new investors get from this platform:

Intellisticks gives you a chance to study from the verified experts.

It allows you to get automated expert feedback.

You dont risk your real money when you are in the process of learning.

You can get an access to the library of written educational resources.

You can have simulated trades against real historical data.

It allows you to choose from a huge selection of courses and strategies to fit your style.

This platform has the ability to not only benefit the young investor but it also helps benefit the experts that are available to provide help to the newbies. It gives professionals a chance to increase their income, it helps them establish subject matter authority, they can promote courses and books to a larger audience. Lastly, they can earn % revenue for every intellisticks course that they sell. For greater detail please visit

While using the strategies, recommended by the coaches, and by practicing against historical data, when the simulation is completed that the students can check what they did wrong or right by comparing their steps with those of the expert.

Jeff Arthur is the mastermind behind this platform. He understands the frustration and the struggle that the young investors go through to learn the fundamentals of trading. According to him, there are only two ways to up your trading game. The ways include, getting your hands on all the books and learning the knowledge that is present in the book and secondly, hiring a coach. So, in case you are someone who is unable to employ an investing coach who require hefty amounts of money then thwill be platform may be the perfect place for you personally. You will get automated feedback and can also have the ability to implement the strategies you have learnt.